LineCrew Apparel & the HookNation

LineCrew Apparel & the HookNation

Represent: LineCrew Apparel & the HookNation

High voltage work. At 40 feet in the air. In bad weather. With customers frustrated with the power outage. And no room for error. Working the line is not for everyone. The life of a lineman involves risk, requires physical strength, and demands indomitable courage.


At Bevins, we’re all about lineman safety, but at some point, we realized the need for the LineCrew to have some representation. These hard-working Americans put their lives on the line every single day to keep America working, so we set out to design shirts, then hats, and other merchandise to show off the power of the power lineman.

From LineCrew Americana to event-specific shirts like Father’s Day, we’re designing apparel these guys can wear on and off the job. We even offer custom design work for our line of Axe Work Wear, so the linemen can represent at the Rodeo and anywhere else they need to show who they are.


Extreme weather, high-voltage, and challenging job sites set the stage for a crew of linemen who’ve proved themselves time and again. And all this hard work under stress produces a common bond in the ones who survive. A brotherhood. We like to call it HookNation.

Linemen have built a culture around power line work, which ranks in the top 5 dangerous jobs around the world. Their character, courage, ability, and strength bolster a strong work ethic, an awareness of their own mortality, and their egos. So the first t-shirt design reflects that culture in the skull and crossbones created with climbing hooks.


The bottom line here is this: HookNation keeps the lights on. For our part, we work hard to develop and manufacture tools and technology that keep these guys safe and efficient on the line. And to make sure they can live to brag about their awesome work as they put on a LineCrew hat and a HookNation shirt when they head out to dinner with their family - safe and sound.

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