Bevins: 4 Generations of Lineman Support

Bevins 1st Gen: Marvin & Pioneering Lineman Safety

The story of the Bevins legacy begins after a lineman suffered a fatal injury in 1943. Marvin Bevins was working for PSO with a crew of lineman constructing power lines across the state when the incident occurred on his watch.

The devastating loss tore him up inside, so he spent the better part of 3 weeks in his workshop. When he emerged, he’d created the Original Phasing Set to provide a way to keep lineman safe from the dangerous job of working with high voltages of electrical current.

Bevins 2nd Gen: Richard & Making Lineman Safety a Reality

Richard worked for his father through college, helping to install the power line poles on all the highways of Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado and Arizona during the construction of the new federal highways. But their phasing sets were still a side business, and the life-saving devices were only available to a few local utilities.

Seeing the need to reach the most linemen possible across the US, Richard focused on manufacturing & improving the phasing sets. Soon they were selling that and other lineman safety products to utilities across the US.

Bevins 3rd Gen: Rich & Raising Lineman Safety Awareness

Today, Rich Bevins – third generation of the Bevins family to promote linemen safety and develop lineman safety products – has spent decades traveling around the US and beyond to raise awareness of the risks linemen take. He’s introduced new technology like Bluetooth into the Multi-Ranging Voltage Indicator as well as the Rattlegun – an impact wrench that works in energized situations.

But for Rich, this wasn’t enough. So came the awesome introduction of the LineCrew brand, offering high quality branded merchandise to promote lineman safety awareness. Staying true to the family legacy, 10% of every purchase goes to the LineLife Foundation to support line families when tragedy strikes.

Bevins 4th Gen: Alexis & the Future of Lineman Safety

Alexis Bevins, 4th generation of the Bevins family,  joined the team a few years ago. Working her way from manufacturing up to the front office, she rocked customer service and is now the marketing manager with her goal to continue raising lineman safety awareness through LineCrew and Bevins Co.

Most of all, her greatest hope is to continue on the legacy started by her great grandfather Marvin Bevins on that fateful day in 1943.

Who can know how many linemen’s lives have been saved by the work of Marvin Bevins more than 75 years ago? For our part, we’re here until lineman deaths on the job are zero and injuries only remembered in the stories passed down as reminders of safety to the next generation.

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